Petteri Viljakainen – Senior Consultant

Petteri Viljakainen

Experience: Independent Consultant in the field of business law. He has extensive experience especially pertaining to Agreements, Labor Law, Competition Law, M&A and Corporation Law. He has worked as a Legal Counsel at the office of Ernst & Young in Helsinki for 12 years having clients from small and medium size companies to multinational conglomerates; has also have worked at the Attorneys offices, at the office of the Finnish Competition Authority and recently at the Federation for Technology Industries of Finland. Petteri is able to provide you with valuable legal information and strategic business advises if you are planning to expand your business into Finland or if you are already established here. Petteri is holding of several board positions.

He has law degrees from the University of Helsinki (Master of Laws) and from University of Amsterdam (LL.M.)

He is Licensed Legal Counsel which means that he has right to represent clients in any court in Finland.

Languages: English and Finnish.

Location: Finland