Spirituality, Innovation and Thinking Wildly Out Of The Box – Interview with Andreas Losch, Theologian

Jul 30, 2018

This year’s summer reflection is an interview with a different kind of explorer and innovator.

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Andreas, you are a theologian with the courage to think out of the box, for example when you apply questions from theology to outer space. What did you learn regarding spirituality and innovation?

I dedicated some time of my research to thinking about the meaning of the potential existence of extraterrestrial life for theology. I learned that exploring the unknown you will sooner or later encounter questions that you are familiar with. So, it is quite rewarding to apply what you know in a totally new area of thought: on the one hand, you are testing the flexibility of your profound convictions, this is sorts of a stress-test so to say. On the other hand, the new thought environment highlights the strength and weaknesses of your existing concepts in a new light.

How can this be applied by businesses?

A similar stress test technique can be applied in business: when you think of introducing new products, organizational structures, processes, technologies, products or growing your business into new markets, similar principles could crystallize and this technique of thinking ‘wildly out of the box’ can be very productive. Some central business ideas will prevail yet must be interpreted in a different light to suit the new context. Also, the new configuration could teach you about the true strength and weaknesses of your existing business ideas.

What would your general advice to business people be?

In general, I think the better you know your personal strengths, including your spirituality, the more open and welcoming you can be to others. I am convinced that a strong spirituality is at the same time a more flexible one in terms of dialogue. Openness for dialogue certainly leads to the potential for innovation and can be helpful in many other areas as well, from authentic leadership to fruitful negotiations and co-operations.

Dr. Andreas Losch is a theologian and trained minister working at the University of Bern, specialized on his discipline’s relation with the natural sciences in general and space research in particular. His current project is about developing “ethics of planetary sustainability”. Losch is author and editor of ten books on a variety of topics and frequent speaker and presenter in the public and at academia . www.andreaslosch.info

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