The Neolithic Revolution & Active Talent Sourcing

Sep 16, 2015

How I Hire: I recruit both for my own company and for clients, and I advise clients concerning their recruitment processes. Many of these discussions revolve around how traditional recruitment instruments are no longer sufficient.

Blog - the Neolithic Revolution

For many types of roles, in order to obtain an optimal selection of candidates, it has become necessary to approach prospective candidates proactively instead of waiting for individuals to apply. Also, in order to be truly competitive, recruitment must not only aim to filling vacancies position by position, but also to build a pipeline for current and future hiring.

To highlight how active talent sourcing and pipelining are different from traditional recruiting one might consider the following analogy. The Neolithic Revolution introduced farming i.e. cultivating fields that would cover present and future needs. In recruiting this means professional market mapping, building and cultivate talent communities, and proactively hiring from among them when the need arises: i.e. active sourcing combined with strategic pipelining.

This requires a change of mindset: instead of asking for immediate vacancies to be filled and not being interested in what instruments are being used to do so, decision makers need to promote a disciplined, structured and sustainable recruitment process that is being constantly monitored and further improved.

One might think that ‘hunting’ is more dynamic than ‘farming’ but in fact the latter is a much more powerful strategy – as shown by Neolithic societies who quickly and thoroughly out-competed their contemporaries who were still following the Paleolithic model.