Unleashing Human Capital in Health Care - Interview with Dr. Nicole Kollars

Dec 9, 2019
Blog - Unleashing Human Capital in Health Care - Interview with Dr. Nicole Kollars

Nicole, in your work as a trainer and coach you work in many industries but focus on health care in particular. Why healthcare?

As you said, I advise clients on strategic people management and I act as a coach and trainer in various industries, but healthcare is particularly close to my heart. I would say health care is mission critical for every society, on the societal as well as on the individual level. Helping health care providers optimally utilize their human capital supports this mission, and is very satisfying. In addition, the health care industry is complex and multidisciplinary, which makes it fascinating.

In what areas do you support clients? Can you give us an example of how you work with organizations in health care?

Every client is different, and obviously I tailor my offering to their needs. As example, let me describe my work for a small but growing Swiss healthcare center that has around one hundred employees and provides general as well as various specialized healthcare services.

I am advising this organization in two distinct areas. The first one concerns the strategic direction of the organization. I conduct workshops where I facilitate the formulation of strategic objectives and operative priorities that follow, as well as concrete steps derived from those. Areas that we work on include managing the organization’s growth, organizational development in general.

And the second area in which you work with this organization?

I conduct workshops with the staff covering such topics as leadership, communication, understanding different personality profiles, team dynamics, analyzing concrete cases from every day practice, defining processes for internal communication, concrete steps in internal change management, integrating new team members, and many more, depending on current needs…

What are your thoughts on the future of people management in healthcare?

The future as well as the current state of people management in healthcare is highly dynamic! This concerns multiple areas: medical science, societal values and expectations, regulatory frameworks and business models in health care. All these impact people management. To mention just one area: understanding evolving concepts of hierarchy and authority is essential for health care organizations in order to leverage their human capital. I am grateful to be part, as an advisor, coach and trainer, of this exciting journey.

Thank you Nicole for these insights!