Worklifeshop - FOCUS

The big picture of your career: where are you going? Why?

Worklifeshop - FOCUS


This worklifeshop will provide, in a stimulating, highly interactive format

  • Tools for self‐assessment
  • Tools for strategic career planning
  • General inputs for your reflection
  • Discussion of your concrete career‐related questions

Languages: German, English.


Scheduling: by agreement, duration typically 1 – 2 h

Location: our offices at Zeltweg 44, CH-8032 Zurich, or a creative location of your choosing (location other than our offices not included in the fees)

Fees, excl. VAT:
1 participant CHF 300 / h,
2 participants CHF 160 / h,  3 participants CHF 110 / h
4 participants CHF 85 / h,  5 participants CHF 70 / h

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