Innosuisse Project on Hybrid and Remote Leadership

Pleinert & Partner is currently conducting an Innosuisse funded innovation project together with cooperation partners. The objective is to develop a scientifically validated set of assessment, consulting and training instruments to optimize hybrid and remote leadership in an international, intercultural context. We are pleased to be working together on this project with our academic partners from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and our industry consortium partners from Franke Group, Knauf Group and Helvetas.

We believe that best practices leadership in hybrid and remote international environments is a key competitive advantage for all kinds of organizations. Hybrid and remote collaboration done right has the potential of creating more diverse, innovative teams and improving attraction and retention, as well as productivity through flexibility and speed.

Beyond business boundaryless collaboration also contributes to bringing people together across the globe. Last not least our beautiful Earth profits from the ecological advantages of reduced transportation and office space.