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General Consulting

Our general consulting expertise covers people management and organizational design for small to midsized enterprises. We help you address questions like these:

Do you have a consistent competency model in place that supports the consistency of your offering to your clients?

As an entrepreneurial company you likely have an exciting story to tell: are you telling it in your employer branding?

Are you using a selection of recruitment instruments that allow you to recruit the best while saving time and money?

Are you profiting from your natural agility as a small to midsized organization to measure performance and give feedback in a way that is fast, effective and efficient?

As an entrepreneurial company you naturally offer many opportunities for learning and personal growth: are you proactively supporting this potential?

Have you built your organization in a way that ensures optimal flow of information within and between teams?

Have you defined a consistent leadership & followership model that suits your business and culture?

Do you have a consistent definition of the degrees of flexibility of working time in place?

Do you have a clear strategy for the location, for hybrid & remote work – are you ready for boundaryless collaboration?

We believe in the strength of small and medium sized companies


We are entrepreneurs who serve other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial decision makers. We work according to the following principles

Process – we believe that often less is more: we do not waste your TIME

Pricing – we offer services that we would buy: we do not waste your MONEY

We look forward to discussing with you!