Succeed in the Metaverse

Are you ready to interact with team members and clients using the emerging immersive communication and collaboration technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)?

Those who are prepared and understand the technology landscape as well as behavioral aspects will be ahead of the competition.

This program is for:

Companies and other organizations: you can book this package for individual participants or groups up to 6

Individuals and groups of individuals: you can book this package for yourselves individually or bring up to 5 friends or colleagues

MeetinVR Room
MeetinVR Room

Session 1 (online) – Essential Concepts

1 h Individual / 1.5 h Group

  • Objectives definition: your priorities
  • Understanding the technology landscape
  • Understanding group dynamics & mindset

Session 2 (option: physical location) – Hands on

2 h Individual / 2.5 h Group

At our physical location in Zurich/Switzerland VR headsets and an introduction to their use are provided to the participants for the session:

  • Simulating business activities in MeetinVR
  • Visiting a VR Social Platform: VRChat

Session 2 (option: online) – Hands on

1.5 h Individual / 2 h Group

Those who book the online version of Session 2 are required to have their own Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and be ready to use it (other headsets: please inquire about compatibility)

  •  Simulating business activities in MeetinVR
  • Visiting a VR Social Platform: VRChat

Session 3 (online) – Your Custom Strategy

1 h Individual / 1.5 h Group

  • Review of objective defined in Session 1
  • Guided strategy formulation session: how will you utilize your knowledge of the options in the metaverse to your competitive advantage?

“We asked Pleinert & Partner to deliver a contribution to our company wide overall strategy workshop, focussing on utilizing the emerging metaverse technologies to our advantage and on developing the required mindset. We were impressed with their expertise and many years of experience with metaverse and metaverse precursor technologies. They also clearly connected the topic to the general context of organizational development. They provided insights and advice that is invaluable to us as we pursue our growth strategy.”

Heike Schümann, Head HR, Leck Group


Available in English and in German.

Session 1:


CHF 250 Individual
CHF 500 Group

Session 2:

(physical location)

CHF 670 Individual
CHF 1’000 Group

Session 2:


CHF 375 Individual
CHF 700 Group

Session 3:


CHF 250 Individual
CHF 500 Group

Sessions 1 and 2 can be booked as stand-alone sessions; Session 3 builds directly on Session 1 and can only be booked if Session 1 has also been booked

Custom sessions or sessions for more participants: on request