Boost your Performance!

Which intrinsic motivational factors drive your team?

Your customized Teampower Compass allows you to …


obtain an overview of essential intrinsic motivation drivers and supporting factors such as strategic competencies and organizational structure


foster a continuous dialogue within your team to ensure that everyone can contribute and is aligned and inspired to pursue common goals


build trust by creating transparency and creating accountability for improvement when gaps are identified

Are you aiming for the stars?

The Teampower Compass helps you make sure your aim is precise

For whom is this?

Small to Midsized Enterprises

The Teampower Compass helps you leverage your natural agility


The Teampower Compass supports you in setting up a solid foundation and ensuring alignment

Creating your custom Team Power Compass consists of three steps

Selecting Content

Defining the elements included in your compass: selecting the strategic factors

Lean Process

Defining the process of how you keep your compass up to date with a minimal investment in time

Defining Objectives

Defining objectives, and what will be done by whom, and when, if are not reached

“When defining our Team Power Compass with Pleinert & Partner, we worked together to generate many ideas and derive concrete actions. These have significantly influenced the development of our organizational structure. The project is a milestone for our HR. I don’t know anyone in my network who is working on something similar. “

Elisa Klempert, Head HR, Bee Medic

We offer the definition of your custom compass in three packages, for you to choose from

Available in English and in German.

Mini Compass

CHF 900


  • Brainstorming workshop 2 h
  • Outline concept
    of your compass with our recommendations

Medi Compass

CHF 5’000


  • A series of workshops
    of a total of 8 h with groups designated by you
  • One live test run
    of the compass with your team
  • Detailed concept
    of your compass

Maxi Compass

CHF 10’000


  • A series of workshops
    of a total of 12 h with groups designated by you
  • Two test runs
    of the compass with your team
  • Detailed concept and implementation
    of the compass*

* Using standard software tools and other tools that you already have, for example polling functionality of HR software

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