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SME companies can compete successfully in today’s fast paced environment.
HR is a key factor. Our people strategy approach can help you increase performance and save resources.
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Interview with Barbara Aeschlimann

Dr. Helena Pleinert on Christoph Stezhammer’s TopJobs Podcast

Reflexion lohnt sich.

TEDx Talk by Heike Schümann, Principal at Pleinert & Partner

Termination – take the opportunity and keep on going!
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Our microlearning series in cooperation with ZGP (Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement)

Microlearning for SME HR Power
in cooperation with ZGP (Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personal-Management).
CASE STUDY – Bee Medic
An SME HR Power Case Study: Bee Medic competes through innovative products AND an innovative organizational model.
We create innovative, engaging (e-) learning programs for you!

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