People Management and organizational design are the strongest levers for success!

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We help our clients succeed

by supporting them in building a team and structure that allow them

to have the best team cohesion: everyone pulling together for shared objectives!

to produce the best results for their clients

to be the fastest in serving their clients

to be ahead of the competition in innovation

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Innosuisse Project Underway!

Innosuisse Project on Hybrid and Remote Leadership Underway

The Pleinert & Partner team is excited to be conducting an Innosuisse funded innovation project together with our cooperation partners from academia and industry

The New Work and Organization Podcast

The New Work and Organization Podcast

is hosted by the Pleinert & Partner Think Tank. Our guests are experts and innovators from business and academia and we cover new forms of leadership and hierarchy, new forms of organization such as hybrid and remote work, and much more!
The New Work and Organization Podcast

Harnessing Self-Leadership in the Early Career Stages

Career readiness involves getting ready to enter the workforce by developing a range of competencies and skills. One key skill is self-leadership.
We help Entrepreneurs and
Entrepreneurial Teams succeed.

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