Team Alignment

“When defining our Team Power Compass with Pleinert & Partner, we worked together to generate many ideas and derive concrete actions. These have significantly influenced the development of our organizational structure. The project is a milestone for our HR. I don’t know anyone in my network who is working on something similar.”

Elisa Klempert, Head HR, BEE Medic

Boundarlyess Cooperation

“We asked Pleinert & Partner to deliver a contribution to our company wide overall strategy workshop, focussing on utilizing the emerging metaverse technologies to our advantage and on developing the required mindset. We were impressed with their expertise and many years of experience with metaverse and metaverse precursor technologies. They also clearly connected the topic to the general context of organizational development. They provided insights and advice that is invaluable to us as we pursue our growth strategy.”

Heike Schümann, Head HR, LECK Group – 2023

Boundarlyess Cooperation

“The new collaboration and communication – ‘metaverse’ – technologies are changing the way executive education is delivered, and how we internally plan to work in the future. We tasked Pleinert & Partner with developing and delivering a series of workshops for our leadership team and with creating a concept with a focus on behavioral and mindset related implications. We thoroughly enjoyed the thought- provoking discussions and are very satisfied with the ideas and recommendations presented.”

Alexander Wagner, Chairman and CEO, Executive Education of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Informatics at the University of Zurich

Custom Academy

“We were looking for a custom one-on-one training for a key employee: the training was to cover all aspects of people management, from strategy to overseeing operations and understanding new trends in the field. In Pleinert & Partner we found a team that was able to design and deliver a tailor made program that suited our employee’s exact needs as well as our entrepreneurial culture. They assigned two experienced corporate trainers and coaches, who equipped our employee with a robust strategic foundation and a well-rounded grasp of the field, along with valuable insights into pivotal areas of innovation. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Roy Tal, Chairman, ISP Group

Custom Academy

“Working with Helena was a real pleasure. While I assume our project is considered as a rather “small” one by Helena, I never had the impression it wasn’t important nor relevant to her. She was always on top of things, shared her deep knowledge with us and guided us through the process. I hope to be able to cooperate with Helena again in the near future.”

Yvonne Müller, Head of PSI Career Center, Paul Scherrer Institut

Boundaryless Cooperation

“We at HTW Berlin believe that immersive technologies are on the brink of playing an important role in education as well as in business. We wished to offer our students, faculty and other staff an introductory training by an expert team and retained Pleinert & Partner to deliver a customized version of their ‘Succeed in the Metaverse’ training to several groups of participants. We are very satisfied and find the training highly informative, the discussions thought provoking and the hands-on VR exercises very engaging. It is a pleasure working together.”

Sylke Sedelies, E-learning coordinator & programme manager & Annett Debarry, Programme Coordinator MPMD, HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences Master Project Management and Data Science (MPMD)

Custom Academy

“We can highly recommend the Pleinert & Partner team for creating a custom corporate training program. We at IVY Educa Circle require a program that teaches cutting edge cross-sectional business skills to executives at our Corporate Partners’ organizations, and at the same time fosters a corporate social responsibility mindset in the corporate world. We are very pleased with the program that Pleinert & Partner has designed for us and is delivering for our Corporate Partners from whom we are receiving excellent feedback.”

Tainá Stark, Initiator and Chairwoman, IVY Educa Circle